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Edu-tive For Academics

#ISQMS® frees you from the mundane to help you enjoy what you are passionate about: Teaching-Learning

With #ISQMS®, the academic staff can manage all their academic work in an integrated way:

  • Customised versatile dashboards for academic leadership to track Plan Vs performance at various levels for necessary interventions and corrective actions

  • Multi-year/ longitudinal view of students’ performance for planned interventions.

  • Customisable reports for special needs students

Intuitive interfaces for Academic Calendar Planning with repository tool box for easy drag and drop and alerts for overlap


Learning Management module that supports all forms of digital learning material and facilitates online and blended classes


Assessment module for scholastic and non-scholastic assessments based on your own rubrics and indicators

  • Create, manage and develop sophisticated Question Bank Repository

  • Generate question papers on demand for off-line and online assessments

  • Digitally evaluate pen and paper assessments.

  • Configurable Assessments – Self, Peer and Parent – for generating a rounded holistic rounded 360⁰ view of the students