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Good governance is the Extra that separates ordinary from the Extra-Ordinary

#ISQMS®’s versatile and customisable dashboards help the leadership to holistically monitor and review all school processes at various levels for an integrated view of the school systems for appropriate and timely interventions.

#ISQMS®offers unmatched multi-dimensional reports in customised formats to meet your specific requirements and speak your language rather than force on you very inane unidimensional standard reports

A very unique feature of #ISQMS® is the Holistic 360⁰ Student Report Card mandated by NEP 2020 that can be drilled down to the granular details of the report. See a sample here

#ISQMS® also offers AI/ML based advanced longitudinal multi-year analytical reports of the performance of the students not just for early alerts but also for timely long-term interventions

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#ISQMS® automates repetitive actions that would save time and other resources in all departments in addition to significantly reducing risk of errors and human biases

With #ISQMS®-enabled process automation, teachers are relieved from most of their administrative activities giving them more time to focus on teaching-learning process.