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Insights from edu-tive Research

Edu-tive is born out of intensely researched needs of K-12 schools

Founders of edu-tive are an eclectic mix of educationists and technologists with deep-dive expertise, experience and passion in these twin fields. They have been noticing with great concern the general across-the-board decline in the quality of education in India over the years. To address this challenge squarely, various education boards in India have recast their approaches to education and mandated the schools affiliated to them to follow suit.

To comply with these new mandates, most K-12 schools, also revised their strategies and adopted several new initiatives. One major initiative of the schools across various boards, was the induction of technology, especially mainly in their academic processes. As multiple technology tools were deployed over several years, in a mix and match way, benefits of these tools could not be reaped fully by these schools. To understand this better, founders of edu-tive had informal conversations with the stakeholders of some of these recently tech-aided schools. It transpired that the piece-meal induction of technology and the half-hearted measures that accompanied it, were grossly inadequate to impact the learning quality in any significant way.

It is at this time that the World Bank also reported report* that about 330 million students in India have been impacted due to the school closures caused since 2020 due to covid.

For a ground-level appreciation of the situation and to develop deeper insights and create better solutions to the challenges, edu-tive commissioned a formal pan-India study on the impact of technology in K-12 schools with the help of a professional agency.

A major finding of this study was that most of these technology-aided schools suffered from the lack of compatibility of their disparate technology tools, owing to which they could not integrate their academic and other processes in any meaningful way. The alternative of replacing available technology tools with a new integrated platform would not only be costly financially but also need other resources in every other aspect of the school management, for example, in terms of migration and restructuring of humongous quantity of data. Further, they were also apprehensive that a new platform would not be able to cater to the emerging and future demands and needs of K-12 education such as NEP 2020, and therefore they might be forced to go in for another revamp of the school management system in the future.

Based on these findings, our founders teamed up with other like-minded and equally passionate technologists and educationists to design the edu-tive platform to address every single concern of schools such as yours.

This feature-rich platform has been designed not just integrate and galvanise all your processes, practices and people but unify them under the Philosophy and Vision of your own school. Its highly flexible and customisable design would easily retrofit your existing software without the need to replace them and thus keep the costs lower and comfort-levels higher. Edu-tive platform would help you create reports the way you would like to view them rather than force a particular inane view on you. It’s futuristic data-driven model would easily cater to all emerging requirements without the need for any costly makeover.