Edu-tive | Empowering Organizations to Adapt Technology

The Edu-tive Difference

At edu-tive, we focus not just on your Destination but also focus on your Path.  Simultaneously.
Now, That’s the Edu-tive Difference

Experience the transformative power of the fully integrable and totally data-driven edu-tive platform that brings to you many differentiated offerings leading to higher efficiencies, reduced biases and errors and smoother operations of your school at lower overall costs.

  • Single interface for your entire school chain with single or multiple board affiliations thus reducing overall efforts and resources in managing the chain

  • Automated tracking and monitoring of compliance to your board regulations and NEP 2020 with timely alerts

  • Early alerts for futuristic events and automated escalation for pre-emptive action / resolutions.

  • AI/ML driven inferences from data to enable quick and timely decision-making

  • Reduced lags, maximized resources and standardized processes

  • Improved work environment, reduced inter-departmental dependencies and related friction

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiencies of people and processes and higher satisfaction levels

  • Retention of knowledge and data within the school aiding greatly in Continuity and Contingency Management

  • Flexible design to suit your specific and individual requirements

  • Adaptive and non-intrusive design to retrofit your existing set of software so that the overall cost of adaptation is affordable without compromising on quality

  • Multi-year longitudinal performance reviews and predictive reports for planning long term interventions and other decisions