Edu-tive | Empowering Organizations to Adapt Technology

Edu-tive Way

At edu-tive, we focus both on your path and focus on your destination.  Simultaneously

We offer you the most-technologically advanced and versatile edu-tive platform for end-to-end management of all your school processes seamlessly interconnecting all your departments – Academics, Administration, Finance, HR etc -for smoother, more efficient and more effective operations.

edu-tive is so flexible as to retrofit your existing 3rd party software, subject to all relevant permissions, thus making the total cost of usage of the edu-tive platform highly affordable.

Edu-tive Understands Your Needs

We do not believe in one-size-fit-all. We are conscious that every school is unique in their own ways. Hence, we walk the extra mile to understand your needs in granular detail to customise the deliverables meeting your special and unique needs.

Edu-tive will help you make your school Smarter, More Agile and More Resilient:

Edu-tive will be a comprehensive edtech solution that will help you derive better meaning out of your data, enhance the quality and speed of your decision-making capabilities and ensure that you remain on track all the time

Edu-tive will seamlessly integrate all your school management processes

Edu-tive will seamlessly connect various department of your school and ensure that relevant data are made available to them, on real-time basis, at a mouse click. This will help promote strong networking between the departments and reduce inter-departmental frictions and efforts in coordination between them. This would also eliminate loss of knowledge or meaning that would otherwise happen typically in any traditional cross-functional information sharing arrangements

Edu-tive will translate your ethos into visible and sustained actions

Your Edu-tive will be a customised version of our platform that would be centred around your own values and beliefs, integrating existing best practices, thus transmitting your ethos through every step of the way.

Give your school Global Perspective with Local Relevance

At the heart of edu-tive are internationally accepted principles of K-12 education. With your specific country-based customisation and requirements such as NEP 2020, edu-tive will help you to be on par with any reputed international school that will retain a high level of local relevance.

Edu-tive is system-driven and not people-dependent

This helps prevent even unconscious biases entering entering your systems that making all your decisions and actions logical, rational and reasonable and not prejudicial.

In short, Edu-tive’s bespoke design will enable total customisation of the platform completely aligned to your philosophy, processes and practices to deliver exceptional values to your stakeholder community.

Its future-ready design will help you effortlessly assimilate emerging changes in the K-12 environment to stay on top of the dynamics of NEP 2020 and those of your Board of affiliation.”