Edutive 360

Introducing Edu-tive 360

We recently launched our groundbreaking innovation – Edutive 360. It’s a comprehensive software solution designed to assist schools in managing learning, assessment, and every other aspect of school operations. Fueled by our trademarked Integrated School Quality Management System (ISQMS™), Edutive 360 significantly influences and improves every facet of school processes, be it learning, assessments, administrative efficiency, or day-to-day operations.

It is the most technologically advanced and highly Integrated School Quality Management System your school will ever need.

Need for Edutive 360

The landscape of K-12 education, both in India and globally, is undergoing a transformation. In India, the NEP 2020 has initiated radical reforms, compelling an overhaul of learning & teaching, as well as examination and assessment patterns.

Moreover, decision-making by school authorities in educational institutions is no longer driven by intuition but by data, a norm that is swiftly taking hold. Processes, both academic and administrative, must now align with global benchmarks. Anticipating and preparing for the impact of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence is imperative for future readiness. In essence, schools must brace themselves for an exciting yet challenging future.

Edutive 360 is the only solution available that helps schools implement some of the most important recommendations of NEP 2020.

Reforms suggested by the policy in – Assessments and Examinations, – Holistic Report Cards, – Technology Integration, – Academic Bank of Credits (ABCs), – Inclusion and Special Education, – Training and Professional development, and – Integration of vocational subjects into mainstream learning can be directly achieved through incorporating Edutive 360 in your school. 

The solution has been created by academicians and researchers with deep sectoral expertise.

Summary of recommendations by NEP 2020

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in India introduces transformative changes for schools with a focus on making education more holistic, flexible, and skill-oriented.

The NEP 2020 envisions a learner-centric, flexible, and inclusive education system that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a well-rounded development.