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National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020)

Explore the groundbreaking changes in Indian education through the National Education Policy (NEP). This document, available at NEP 2020, outlines the comprehensive vision for K-12 education in India. From innovative pedagogical approaches to a renewed focus on holistic development, this policy is the driving force behind the transformation of the educational landscape.

Holistic Progress Card:

Dive into the details of the Holistic Progress Card, an essential tool for evaluating student growth and development. This resource, found at Holistic Progress Card and Transforming the System of Assessment, offers insights into the innovative assessment techniques used to measure a student’s progress beyond just academic achievement. It focuses on nurturing well-rounded individuals by assessing various aspects of their development.

National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCFSE):

Get acquainted with the guiding principles of education in India through the National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCFSE). Available at NCFSE 2023, this document lays down the foundations for curricular development, pedagogical approaches, and assessment strategies. It provides a comprehensive framework for educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to shape the future of K-12 education in the country.

School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework:

Discover the tools and guidelines that ensure the quality of education in schools with the School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework. You can access this valuable resource at Handbook. This framework empowers schools to assess their educational practices, infrastructure, and overall quality. It is a vital resource for educators and institutions committed to providing high-quality education in line with national standards.