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#ISQMS® Framework

‘When winds of change blow, some people build walls, but the Wise-Ones build Windmills’

#ISQMS® Highlights

  • 100% NEP Compliant
  • Board-Agnostic:  Meets requirements of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State Boards
  • Framework that is Flexible and Adaptable to your Unique Needs
  • Insightful and Actionable Reports and Analytics based on AI/ML
  • Digital Portfolio of Students and Teachers across their entire life-cycle in Your School

Enhanced Value for every Stakeholders

#ISQMS® not only automates your processes but also: 

  • Galvanises Your Processes Practices and People and primes them to focus on the shared Vision and Goals of Your School
  • Aligns all stakeholders to the vision and values of the school. 
  • Allows full flow of Creativity in the Teaching-Learning Processes unlike other LMSs
  • Future-Proofs Your School
  • Pre-loaded meta data based on your affiliated board 
  • Capture Data at the Point of Occurrence rather than record later
  • Totally data driven eliminating human biases

#ISQMS® Advantage

    • Saves 15-30% of Teachers’ administrative time
    • Can retrofit and integrate your existing legacy software to reduce the overall cost of operations and increase comfort levels.
    • Generates reports the way you would like to view them rather than force an inane view on you. 
    • Comes with pre-loaded meta data based on the board of affiliation 
    • Helps Capture Data at the Point of Occurrence rather than Record later
    • Eliminates Human Biases by being data driven 
    • Enables strong inter-team networking leading to 
    • Lowers Costs and Enhances Efficiency leading to Enhanced Productivity at all levels
    • Built-in Mechanism for Prompt Complaint Redressal 
    • Provides user-configurable Assessments 
    • 360 Holistic Report Card with Self, Peer and Parent Assessments
    • Scholastic and co-scholastic performance mapped to Report Card 
    • Online and Offline Assessments
    • Versatile and Scientific Question Bank Repository
    • Goal Setting and Performance Monitoring
    • It’s futuristic data-driven model would easily meet all emerging requirements without the need for any costly makeover.