Edu-tive Research

Learning Beyond Lockdown: K-12 Tech Adoption in the New Normal

A Survey of K-12 Schools in India


During the covid 19 times, Edu-tive commissioned a pan-India survey of K-12 schools with major objective of understanding:

Survey Participation

More than 200 schools affiliated to different boards of education – CBSE, ICSE, IB and State Boards etc – participated in this anecdotal survey.  Participants included school owners, members of senior leadership team, teachers and academic experts.

Major Findings

Coping strategies for dealing covid-induced disruptions in learning

Status of data management in schools

Data Management Practices

Technology Deployment in K-12 schools

Powerful take-aways

These observations and findings were discussed in depth with educationists and thinkers across the country to glean strategies for the future to improve the learning outcomes in line with the national goals.  It emerged in a largely consensus way that